A Sampling of Previous Projects


  • Acting Manager of the Globalstar TT & C Earth Station in Yeo-Ju Korea. Manage, monitor, and participate when required in Globalstar contractors, GLP service provider contractors and other subcontractor on site activities. Technically responsible for all the RFT, TCU, GPTS and GDN subsystems. Provided tracking and statusing of all open items and on site problem reports to GLP/Lockheed Martin Program Managers. Assists in fault identification, fault isolation and initiates appropriate corrective action to provide support for the launch of the initial 8 satellites in the Globalstar satellite constellation.

  • Coordinate the installation / integration of the CDMA equipment into the Yeo-Ju Gateway.

  • Prepare technical documentation for the RFT subsystem.

  • Manage the operations and maintenance of the Yeo-Ju TT & C Gateway for the first 2 launches with a 100% availability 4 antenna's and related sub-systems.

  • Trained Yeo-Jo's Service Provided personnel on satellite RF equipment and TT & C operations.

Space Systems Loral

  • Technical Consultant to Space Systems Loral. Responsibilities included technical support of the
    Mabuhay TT & C facility in Subic Bay to support in orbit RF testing for the Philippine Mabuhay Satellite Program.

Singapore Telecom

  • Complete video installation under subcontract to COMSAT RSI.

  • Under subcontract to Satellite Transmission Systems, assisted in the final selloff of two international "A" stations in Singapore.

US Sprint - San Ramon, CA

Antenna Verification Testing

Teleport Communications, New York

Technical Management, providing technical expertise and guidance in the areas of transmission of T1, DS3 & DSO multiplexers as well as Broadcast (RS250B) Video & Audio.

Hughes Communications, New York

Primary responsibilities were overseeing completion of the "GALAXY" Telemetry Tracking and Control (TT&C) Station. This included start-up and initial operation of a $8+ million facility, hiring as well as training of technical and administrative staff.

Additional duties included administering day-to-day functions of personnel, budgeting, equipment maintenance, planning/scheduling operations, customer liaison and business technical development in the New York area, to aid in the growth of the HCI/GALAXY network.

Also provided consulting to HCI in the initial installation of the JC-SAT TT&C test E/S facility in Japan.

Harris Corp., Melbourne, Florida

Lead Engineer with job sites in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Brunei, Oman and other locations.

  • Taif International
    Station Management of "A" Station, Saudi Arabia. Responsible for all operations and maintenance of the station. Supervision and training local nationals and Harris-assigned personnel.

    Consultant/Trouble Shooter with INTELSAT and other International Stations in Saudi Arabia to insure optimum quality in International Inter-Connect Communication Services.

  • Satellite Systems - Saudi Arabia
    Responsible for commissioning of the Transportable system, as well as sites in Sharorah, Al Baha, Abha, Jizan,Najran, Tabuk and Jiddah. Also provided technical support to Riyadh staff to support INTELSAT Testing.

  • Satellite Systems - Sudan and Saudi Arabia
    Served as Lead Engineer with responsibility for commissioning eight DOMSAT Earth stations in The Sudan, with Video Transmit capability. Also directly involved with in-plant design and check-out of the World's first II Meter Mobile Satellite earth station for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Comtech Labs, Smithtown, NY

Systems Engineer with responsibility for system implementation of satellite earth stations and associated ancillary devices. Supervised staff technicians, and was in-charge of total field installations, testing, debugging, line-up and check-out.

Systems included:
  • TRW Japanese Space Program on Kwajalein Atoll and Christmas Island.
  • Western Union Int'l. Stations, Wisconsin and New Jersey.
  • RCA Stations in Houston, Chicago and New Jersey.
  • IBM/COMSAT Satellite Business Systems in California and New York.
  • International Installations - worldwide

Sylvania Technical Systems, Waltham, MA

Supervised 15 host country nationals in Algeria, Northwest Africa in the installation, test and check-out of domestic satellite systems at 14 different sites, which involved; Single channel per carrier equipment (SCPC), Low Powered amplifiers, High powered amplifiers, Low noise amplifiers, Video Mod/Demod equipment, Demand Assignment and Multiple Access Equipment (DAMA), Final Acceptance Testing as per Satellite System Operations Guide (SSOG). Instructed host country nationals on operation and maintenance of installed equipment.


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