Richard Dutchik has thirty five years experience
in Systems Engineering;
Project, Station and Technical Management; Installation and Field Engineering for Satellite, Microwave and Fiber Optic Communications throughout the world.

Richard's experience in the Middle East, Pacific Basin and Northwest Africa, makes him an invaluable contributor to a project, equipped with a wide ranging cultural knowledge on top of his extensive industry expertise.

Richard is a team player with a great sense of humor and highly developed people skills. In addition, he can be found within easy reach of some form of communication device 24/7.

He always returns emails and phone calls and is well known throughout the satellite industry as the man with the most extreme phone bills.

In the future this page will feature photos and commentary from Richard's travels around the globe as well as information on current projects and activities in the satellite field.

Please be sure to come back soon!


P.O. Box 411929
Suntree, Florida   32941-1929

Telephone: +1 (321) 751-2345
Fax: +1 (321) 255-7766